What happens if a mom suffers from paranoid schizophrenia? Or bipolar disorder? What happens to the child if mom can’t get out of bed because of severe depression and all the other issues she’s facing — a run around husband who is seeking divorce.

Because of debilitating mental health issues, mom is unable to work or to hang on to a job. Or shop for food. Who makes sure Kevin goes to school? Is eating right? Are there grandparents nearby who take the child to school? Or is the child skipping school altogether?

A Family Court judge in Allegheny County asked The Shortest Line to fund a psychological evaluation for the mom and her family. The court believes the evaluation will help it decide what’s in Kevin’s best interest.

  • Should parents share custody of Kevin?
  • How can mom be helped?
  • Should grandparents step in and take care of Kevin?

Judges need to get critical information to help them make the best decisions to help kids. They rely on funding from The Shortest Line – the sole funder of these evaluations. Working poor families can’t afford to pay $4000 for an evaluation. And they don’t get funding from the government. They’re stuck. Please help by donating to The Shortest Line. It’s not a gift to us. It’s giving at-risk kids the shortest line to a good life.

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